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Illegibilus: Audrey S. Messier by Lieutenant-Down Illegibilus: Audrey S. Messier by Lieutenant-Down


• Name: Audrey Starlock Messier 
• Age: 13 years old
• Gender:  Female
• Height: 46 kg / 101 lbs
• Weight: 153 cm / 5” 2’
• Birthday: November 27th
• Nationality: French/British
• House: Ravenclaw
• Year: 3rd


Easy-going | Quick-Wit | Honest | Perceptive | Shy | Curious | Introverted | Lacks Tact

Inheriting her father’s expressionless face and somber look, Audrey actually conceals a shy and curious soul, someone who due her upbringing hasn’t had the chance to socialize much and thus tends to appear aloof and odd to others. 

Her main drive is her curiosity, if there’s nothing interesting for her, she’ll immediately become bored.

• Background&Family:

- Orion WR Starlock (Father, 40, Royal Air Force Commander, Muggle)

- Deneb Messier (Mother, 32, Former Auror, Deceased)

Orion, a fearsome man and captain, at the time, of a small company of the No. 2 Group of the RAF deployed in France, often served as assistance to the Ministry of Magic into surveillance and tracking dark wizards and witches, in one of their many adjoined missions, he met Deneb Messier, a pureblood and active Auror, and after falling in love with each other, got married. The Messier family, an elitist pureblood family wasn’t happy with their union and decided to cut off any relations to them, which didn’t exactly affected Deneb, who as soon as she realized she was pregnant with their first child decided to resign her Auror position to settle down.

Audrey was born then in a completely happy family and grew up in a normal environment, mostly due to her mother, who wanted to lead a more peaceful life away from the magic ordeals. As Audrey grew up it was obvious she greatly resembled her mother but had the same lack of facial expression as her father. The “normality” didn’t last long, however, as Audrey started to show signs of magic and thus Deneb decided to teach her the basics, something that came out easily due to Audrey’s growing interest in reading and acknowledge, allowing her to lend her books for her entertainment (complementing Orion’s “military” daily regime).

When Audrey turned 8 years old, her mother started to show signs of a grave illness, bounding her to bed most of the time, where Audrey took the habit to read to her every day until Deneb succumbed to the illness nearly a year later, dying peacefully in her sleep.

Orion then took charge in raising Audrey by himself, deciding to accept the job offer in Great Britain and clearly showing concern for her when she received her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After some talks and not entirely happy with the decision, he decided to allow her to attend.

Getting shorted out to Ravenclaw, she has have difficulties into making any relations or friendships, mainly due to her characteristic expressionless face and unknown shyness, leaving her to find solace in her books.

• Likes & Dislikes:

+ Strawberry Milk

+ Books

+ Naps

+ Oddities

- Arrogance

- Boredom

- Her lack of expression

- The feeling of disappointment

• Elective Classes:
Study of Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular:

• Spells:

Protego - The Shield Charm causes minor to moderate jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker.

Ventus - A strong blast of wind is shot from the end of the wand, used to push objects out of the way.

Immobulus - Renders living targets immobile.

• Wand Ingredients:
Core: Dragon Core
Length: 13”
Wood: Redwood
Flexibility: Supple

• Pet:
Name: Mr. Charles
Species: Black-billed Magpie
Gender: Male
Personality: Hot-tempered and strict, gets easily jealous if people “he doesn’t approve of” approach Audrey and although it seems like he usually bullies his owner, he cares for Audrey and loves her deeply, loyal to her above everything.

• Extra:

- Usually seen with either a book or drinking a small box of strawberry milk.

- Her reading broads from school books to fictional novels, with the oddest of titles. As of late she’s been reading a series of books called Henry Plotter (The story of a muggle named Henry Plotter and his adventures in the muggle world).

- Has a knack of falling asleep often, might suffer narcolepsy.

- Her relationship with her father is often described as heavily awkward, calls him “Old man”.

- Despite her apparent frail frame, she’s actually physically fit, mainly due her “military” regime.

- When she gets really nervous she tends to switch to French gibberish (a habit shared by her mother).

- Wears a band-aid to hide a small scar in her nose.

- Tried to apply for the Hogwarts’ orchestra with her recorder but for some reason was rejected.

- She has a nice singing voice though, but most people aren’t aware of it (mainly because Auds sheldom sings).

My little kid got in and it's now a Ravenclaw I'm exite :iconfabbplz:

I'm available to RP through notes, doc (?) or chat on weekends, I'm kinda slow because work but I'll try to see if I can fit some skype too :iconallmytearplz:
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Code-Sonic Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
Melody: "Hello there." *waves hello*

Want to RP?
Fluffpanda Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she's stho purtyy :iconasdfghplz:
Lieutenant-Down Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
my little narcoleptic :icongtthplz:

thank u
CoraFeltMarker Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know how that could have been rejected... It was a beautiful job on the recorder! So funny

She looks so cool!!!! Such a cutie. I must wonder though about Henry Plotter. I'm sure his adventures are fascinating. 
Lieutenant-Down Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
And she practiced so hard :iconweepplz:

Wizards seem to like the books tho, I think the author is called JK. Rollin' or something.
CoraFeltMarker Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god. You are a genius :iconimdedplz: I give up. You are the next genius of the century. 

I can tell. That recorder tho... So, so, just so :iconrainbowtearplz:
TigerBites Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
Oh god her and my Oc should have a book club and discuss Henry Plotter :lmao:
Welcome to Ravenclaw~
Lieutenant-Down Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
Auds will turn into the biggest fangirl and will talk non-stop about her headcanons :iconehesmileplz:

Thank you!
sirblckbrd Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
Henry plotter i cant
Lieutenant-Down Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
I've heard it's pretty popular among teens these days :icondeepthoughtplz:
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